2. OOOKU Soundtrack Vol.2 (2CD)

OOOKU Soundtrack Vol.2 (2CD)

Price(USD): $19.80

CD No: RBCP-3510
Release Date: 2023/11/15
Format: 2CD

The second soundtrack for Drama 10 "Oooku" is now available!

Fumi Yoshinaga's masterpiece comic "Oooku" depicts a parallel world in Edo where the sexes are reversed from the time of the 3rd Shogun, Iemitsu, to the end of the Edo period and the return of the Grand Council of State. Based on the comic, a new chapter of Drama 10 "Oooku," which depicts the story up to the 8th Shogun, Yoshimune, has started!

The music composed by KOHTA YAMAMOTO, who also composed the music for the previous chapter, and adds color to the story with dramatic and energetic music, The jacket was designed by Asami Kiyokawa, who also created the key visuals for the film.