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CD No: RBCP-3496
Release Date: 2023/09/27
Format: 1CD

Sakura Ando x Ryosuke Yamada x Director Masato Harada
Unpredictable crime suspense entertainment!

This is the long-awaited film adaptation by master director Masato Harada of the profound masterpiece novel by Hiroyuki Kurokawa, who has depicted the desires that drive human beings in such works as "Burial Gate," which won the 151st Naoki Prize, and "Gosaigyo (The Wife's Business)". The director's enthusiasm spread, and the film, which took many years to complete, stars Sakura Ando, winner of the Best Supporting Actress Award at the 46th Japan Academy Prize. The two leading figures in the Japanese film industry have teamed up for the first time to create a bold and fast-moving image on the screen. Ryosuke Yamada plays Joe, the younger brother of Neri, played by Sakura Ando. Yamada Ryosuke, appearing in his first film directed by Harada since "Moeyo Ken (Burning Sword)," shows his newfound talent with his spirited performance.
The music is composed by Reiko Tsuchiya, a multi-instrumentalist who has become an indispensable composer for Harada's films such as "Kensatsu Gawa no Zainin (Sinners for the Prosecution)," "Moeyo Ken (Burning Sword)," and "Hell Dogs". With J.S. Bach's "Sonata and Partita for Solo Violin" as the main theme, the music, full of joy, sadness, and openness, is beautifully synchronized with the images.

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