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CD No: RBCP-3493
Release Date: 2023/08/09
Format: 1CD

Hard-boiled author Kyo Nagaura's 19th Haruhiko Oyabu Award-winning novel "Revolver Lily" has been adapted to film by director Isao Yukisada with Haruka Ayase in the lead role. Centering on the dark heroine Yuri Kosone, who descends into an age of male promiscuity, the film is an entertainment action blockbuster of unprecedented grandeur.

The music is composed by Yoshihiro Hanno, the world-renowned director of Yukisada's "Five Minutes at Midnight," "Pink and Gray," and "Kaiso ha Cheese no Yumeume wo Mamoru" (The Rat Dreams of Cheese). The melancholy music along with the most beautiful action in history has an overwhelming presence.

Track List

01. Revolver Lily Opening Theme
02. A Sense of Fear#1
03. Battle an Assassin
04. Battle with Naka?Nightmare and Confusion
05. Secrets of Hayami
06. Save Shinta
07. Lily’s Determination
08. Hard Rain
09. Memory
10. Mizuno’s Battle
11. Mizuno’s Revolution
12. Old Man’s Confession
13. A White Dress
14. Death of Tsuyama
15. Battle in the Mist
16. Requiem
17. The Final Battle
18. Revolver Lily
19. Suppression Suites
20. Lily’s Vision Suites
21. Revolver Lily End Credit