Price(USD): $19.80

CD No: RBCP-3454
Release Date: 2022/10/19
Format: 1CD

Founded in 2012, Dos Brains is a Santa Monica, California-based custom music house and catalog that specializes primarily in film and game trailer music. Dos Brains is divided into labels such as Silver Screen, Third Rail, Rogue Souls, End Of Silence, Gearbox, Volts, and Heavy Melody Trailers, depending on the genre and taste of the music. They have already established a solid reputation in Hollywood for their dynamic music and sound design, which maintains the top quality of a soundtrack and is demanded by productions. They are a trusted and established music production company, as evidenced by the continued use of their music in major motion pictures, video games, and streaming content for the general market. From Dos Brains' vast catalog comes this original Japanese release, featuring 30 tracks of digital sounds that are sure to raise the tension! [Machine Translation]

Track List

01. I Got The Keys
02. Balls To The Walls
03. Give Me A Gun
04. Eat This
05. Living Dead Attack
06. Maelstrom
07. In The Red Zone
08. Dead Eye
09. Swagger
10. Revolution
11. Desolation
12. Renegade
13. Straight Talker
14. Air
15. Race Against Time
16. Down Your Neck
17. Dressed To Kill
18. No Rest For The Wicked
19. Metal Rain
20. Eraser
21. Triggered
22. Cyanide
23. Long Gone
24. Closer To God
25. Splinter
26. System Overload
27. Special Ops
28. Melancholia
(No Solo Vox No Choir Mix)
29. Storm
30. Coldcocked