2. COUPEZ!


Price(USD): $19.80

CD No: RBCP-3442
Release Date: 2022/07/15
Format: 1CD

Japanese CD release! Original soundtrack from a French remake film of a big hit Japanese horror comedy movie "ONE CUT OF THE DEAD" (2018). What a surprice! this film music composed by Academy AwardR composer Alexandre Desplat! Asked Desplat directly to make this CD release happen!

The 2018 film "ONE CUT OF THE DEAD" is, Although it was a small-scale screening that started with two theaters in Tokyo, it became a social phenomenon with its innovative and shocking development, eventually opening in more than 350 theaters and grossing over 3.1 billion yen, making it an exceptional hit. The film "ONE CUT OF THE DEAD" directed by Shinichiro Ueda was remade in France into "COUPEZ!". While respecting the original, the film has evolved into a highly emotional entertainment with a French touch of laughter and cutting-edge artistry.
The music composed by Alexandre Desplat, a world-renowned French composer who won the Academy AwardR for Best Original Score for "The Grand Budapest Hotel" and "The Shape of Water. From zombie music to beautiful love themes, comical music to loungy music, the soundtrack is indeed Desplat's!

Track List

01. Mort de Natsumi
02. Lieu charge
03. Attaque Hosoda
04. Love theme
05. Chase
06. Ascenseur
07. Theme de Romy
08. Quartier general
09. 70s theme
10. Remi appelle en regie
11. Fatih 1
12. Course Higurashi
13. Fatih 2
14. Reportage tele