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CD No: RBCP-3435
Release Date: 2022/06/08
Format: 1CD

Based on non-fiction writer Hidemi Takahashi's essay "Hai, Oyogemasen (Yes, I Can't Swim), this film is written and directed by Kensaku Watanabe, winner of the Best Screenplay Award at the Japan Academy Prize for the film "FUNE WO AMU". This human drama depicts the hope and rebirth of a "man who can't swim" and a "woman who can only swim" at a swimming school they happen to attend.
The music is composed by Takuma Watanabe, who has participated as a band member in David Sylvian's world tours and is active across genres including contemporary music, pop music, and film music. In this film, his sometimes comical, sometimes serious and ever-changing music gives hope and courage to the viewer.

Track List

01. Form of water
02. Class
03. Swimming school
04. Introduction
05. A Face in the water
06. Empty
07. Outside
08. Swimming!
09. The exercise
10. Kumanoko
11. Aquarium
12. A seal
13. Drowning
14. Rehab
15. Tomoya
16. Shizuka
17. Miyako
18. Namie

Mastered by Joe Talia
All music composed, mixed and
arranged by Takuma Watanabe