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CD No: RBCP-3429
Release Date: 2022/05/11
Format: 1CD

Japanese release. MOTHERING SUNDAY is an adaptation of Graham Swift's novel "Mothering Sunday" by Elizabeth Carlsen and Stephen Wooley, producers of "Carol. The music is composed by Morgan Kibby, who also participated in the French electro shoegazer M83, his second collaboration with director Yusson. The post-classical music, reminiscent of Max Richter or Nils Frahm, is subtle and sensual and captivates the viewer.

Track List

01. The Fourth Leg
02. Rising
03. Fausse Teinte
04. Come On Milly
05. Maids on the Train
06. Yes, Madam
07. Not Time For This
08. A Bike Ride
09. When We Were Boys
10. Swan Song
11. Swan Tide
12. What Would Emma Do
13. When You Leave
14. It Swims Back Every So Often
15. Old Men
16. I Will Begin the Story of My Adventures
17. The Pie
18. Last Vision
19. Waves
20. The Tide
21. Bereaved at Birth
22. For - Peter - Toilet Brushes ? More / Nils Frahm
23. Across the Quick Quick Green and the World
24. Resonance