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CD No: RBCP-3427
Release Date: 2022/04/06
Format: 1CD

The third installment in the "Village of Fear" series, following "Inunaki-mura" and "Jukai-mura," directed by horror film master Takashi Shimizu, depicts two high school sisters who are caught up in inexplicable events and have terrifying experiences at real-life haunted places well known in the Hokuriku region, including Tsubono Kosen.
K?ki, making her debut as an actress in her first starring role, and director Takashi Shimizu, a master of the horror world, hunt down the audience with extreme terror in the most haunted spot in Hokuriku.
The music for this film is composed by Takatsugu Muramatsu, a three-time winner of the Japan Academy Prize for Best Music for "64-Rokuyon Part 1," "The Bride Over 8 Years: A True Story of Miracles," and "MAMORARENAKATTA MONO-TACHI E (To Those Who Were Never Given Up)". Featuring traditional Japanese instruments such as koto and shakuhachi as well as a female chorus, the realistic music will drive the viewer to even greater horror.

Track List

29 tracks