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CD No: RBCP-3418
Release Date: 2021/12/08
Format: 1CD

Japanese release.
The chilling road thriller, The Hitcher, was released in 1986 and starred Rutger Hauer as a murderous hitchhiker in a relentless pursuit of a young motorist, C. Thomas Howell. Critically maligned at the time, over the years the film has built up a cult following and has spawned a sequel and a remake. The original soundtrack has been unavailable for close to 30 years.

“Technically the music business was in a crossroads and new instruments and new instrument technologies were appearing every day. I availed myself of this “new” technology of “sampling” and brought in two drummers who played only originally sampled drums. I was still using my early system of a Prophet 5, an Oberheim 4 voice and my ARP 2600. To this I added this new keyboard, a Prophet 2000 (sampler). This was the “band”! - Mark Isham

Track List

1. Headlights - Main Title (04:02)
2. The Chosen (02:24)
3. Keys (04:13)
4. Dust And Gasoline (03:01)
5. Dream (01:24)
6. Dogs (03:31)
7. Suicide (01:20)
8. Gun (01:45)
9. Cars And Helicopters (05:35)
10. Motel (02:46)
11. Transfer (01:45)
12. Endgame (02:48)
13. Guards And Cards (03:46)
14. The Hitcher - End Credits (04:11)