2. I AM SAM


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CD No: RBCP-3242
Release Date: 2018/03/07
Format: 1CD

[RAMBLING Soundtrack Rare 25: Reissues from rare Varese Sarabande catalogue in High Quarlity UHQCD]
The story begins in a city hospital with the birth of a baby girl. Rejected by her mother, the newborn is sent home with the father, Sam. Sam,diagnosed as mildly retarded and autistic, works for eight dollars an hour at a local coffee shop. Sam's emotional life flourishes and his little daughter is the center of his universe. Along with a colorful group of friends, Sam is left to care for the baby alone. When Sam finally realizes that Lucy, by age 7, needs a mother, he sets out to find he one.

I AM SAM is a powerful and touching story of one father's devotion to his daughter. The film is the center of Oscar talk with Penn and Pfeiffer as well as Laura Dern receiving a lot of attention.

The captivating score for i am sam is from one of today's busiest and most talented composers, John Powell. It's moving and beautiful music which takes a highly original approach to the material.
Release Date: 2018/3/7.

Track List

1. Starbucks & Hospital (05:04)
2. It's Ok Daddy (01:06)
3. Sam's Friends (01:49)
4. Reading Together (01:36)
5. At The Park (01:08)
6. The Birthday Party (02:37)
7. Rita (03:16)
8. Sam Visits Lucy (02:55)
9. Buying Shoes (00:40)
10. Lucy Runs And Sam Loses (02:11)
11. Annie's Father (01:21)
12. Making Coffee (01:34)
13. Kramer v. Kramer (02:52)
14. Torn Away (01:44)
15. Lucy Paints, Sam Makes Origami (04:27)
16. Lucy, Calm Down (01:04)
17. Nighttime Visits (01:19)
18. I'm Getting More From This (01:38)
19. On The Stairs (02:25)