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CD No: RBCP-3197
Release Date: 2017/07/26
Format: 1CD

Michael Keaton stars as Ray Kroc in the little known story behind the biggest food retailer in the world ? McDonalds. Carter Burwell, coming off his highly acclaimed and Oscar nominated score for Carol, delivers another top notch composition. Carter is also known for having scored nearly all the Coen Brothers’ films. A handful of 50's and 60's favorites from Doris Day and Norman Greenbaum, (Spirit in the Sky), and others round out the collection.
Release Date: 2017/7/26.

Track List

01. San Bernardino
02. Multimixer Man
03. Mister Tap Toe / Doris Day with Paul Weston & His Orchestra and The Norman Luboff Choir
04. Persistence
05. I?m Not Like I Used To Be / The DixieAires
06. First Taste
07. The Creation Of The Burger
08. Sh! Baby?s Asleep / Orin Tucker and His Orchestra with Bonnie Baker & The Bodyguards
09. The Arches
10. Overnight Sensation
11. Tennis Court
12. Music For A Found Harmonium / Penguin Cafe Orchestra
13. Flags And Steeples
14. Franchise For America
15. Be Right One Time
16. Slow Down Baby / Bob Gaddy and His Alley Cats
17. Crass Commercialism
18. Fifty ?Fifty Love / The Ramblers
19. A Team
20. Ray Rallies
21. Minneapolis
22. Pennies From Heaven / Michael Keaton and Linda Cardellini
23. A Wolf In The Henhouse
24. Ray Confronted
25. Surprise Inspction
26. Franchise Realty Road Show
27. Fortune Favors The Bold
28. Blank Check
29. Divorce
30. Let?s Make A Deal
31. Secret To Success
32. Number One