2. FIRE EMBLEM HEROES 5th Anniversary Memorial Box (3CD+DVD)

FIRE EMBLEM HEROES 5th Anniversary Memorial Box (3CD+DVD)

Price(USD): $119.30

CD No: QWCI-12
Release Date: 2022/08/31
Format: 3CD+DVD

Fire Emblem Heroes 5th Anniversary Memorial Box! To celebrate the 5th anniversary of Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS / Android), a role-playing simulation for smart devices developed and operated by Nintendo and Intelligent Systems, a soundtrack box with luxury goods has been released! In addition to the 3-CD set containing the original music of this title, the data DVD contains many songs from previous titles used in the app! It also includes a main visual set with a picture frame to enjoy displaying the main visuals up to Part 6 and illustrations drawn by Yusuke Kozaki, a mini hero sticker book containing about 900 characters appearing in the app, and a soft phone stand of the mascot character Fae. It comes in a special box with gorgeous specifications! CD 3 disc set, 1 bonus disc (data DVD). Main visual set (with frame). Mini hero sticker book (with binder). Fae's soft phone stand.
Release Date: 2022.8.31(Limited)

Track List

Disc 1: 28 songs to be included.
Disc 2: 27 songs to be included.
Disc 3: 23 songs to be included.
Bonus Disc: Number of songs undecided.

*Bonus Disc is a data DVD with songs.