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CD No: QR548
Release Date: 2024/04/23
Format: 1CD

Quartet Records, in collaboration with Paramount Pictures, presents a remastered, slightly expanded reissue of James Horner’s classic war score for UNCOMMON VALOR (1983), directed by Ted Kotcheff and starring Gene Hackman, Robert Stack and young up-and-comers Patrick Swayze and Fred Ward.

The film is a dramatic action picture centered on retired U.S. Marine Colonel Jason Rhodes, who recruits a motley crew of soldiers and leads them on a clandestine operation in Laos. Their mission is the rescue of unacknowledged U.S. prisoners of war (POWs) left behind after the withdrawal from Vietnam, including Rhodes’ son, officially declared missing in action (MIA). The possible existence of such POWs was a topic of considerable interest during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The messy conclusion of the Vietnam War, coupled with the scandals of the Nixon era, had left many Americans alienated from their government and deeply skeptical of official claims that there was no evidence of living POWs in the former war zone.

James Horner was only 30 years old when he was hired to compose UNCOMMON VALOR, but he was already a seasoned composer with such successful films in his career as STAR TREK II, KRULL, BRAINSTORM and SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, and he was about to enter the A-list of composers in Hollywood with his upcoming hit scores for ALIENS, AN AMERICAN TAIL and COCOON. Horner provides an inventive and effective score, robustly orchestral while endowed with exciting electronic rhythms and Vietnamese textures.

Intrada Records issued the premiere release of UNCOMMON VALOR in 2014 and it quickly sold out. This new, remastered edition adds about 10 minutes of alternate takes. Produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Chris Malone, it features in-depth liner notes by film music writer John Takis.

Track List

1. Vietnamese Solo / Main Title (7:31)

2. Airport (2:21)

3. Tag (2:49)

4. A Lot of us Have Been Killed (1:26)

5. Steal the Sucker (1:44)

6. First trek / Yellow Rain (2:45)

7. Pan Over Hill / Wilkes in Tunnel (7:35)

8. Attack Airbase (3:14)

9. Escape Airbase (3:22)

10. Copters Over Hill (2:51)

11. Final Escape (2:21)

12. End Credits (3:42)

13. Brothers in the Night* (4:48)

Bonus Tracks

14. Main Title (Alternate Mix) (7:15)

15. Main Title Extension (Expanded) (3:08)

16. Parade Ground (3:58)

17. Main Title Extension Vietnamese Overlay (Alternate) (3:15)

Total Disc Time: 64:14

*Performed by Ray Kennedy ? Written by Ray Kennedy, Kevin Dukes and David Ritz