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CD No: QR536
Release Date: 2023/11/07
Format: 1CD

Quartet Records presents the score by renowned composer Federico Jusid (THE SECRET OF HIS EYES, ISABEL, THE ENGLISH) for the intense drama directed by Victor Erice, CERRAR LOS OJOS (aka CLOSE YOUR EYES, aka FERMER LES YEUX), which represents his return to cinema after 21 years. The film, starring Manolo Solo, Ana Torrent and Jose Coronado, is about an actor who disappears during the filming of a movie. Although his body is never found, the police conclude that he has suffered an accident at the edge of a cliff. Many years later, the mystery returns to the present day.

Federico Jusid has composed a short score (35 minutes for a film of 170) that is nevertheless the backbone of the film’s passions. Performed by a chamber orchestra, the delicately written score creates a discreet but admirable tapestry of emotions. Limited 300 copies

Track List

1. The Shanghai Gesture (1:15)
2. Cerrar los ojos (1:22)
3. Recuerdos (1:42)
4. El mar (2:24)
5. Vamos a encalar (0:40)
6. El hijo (2:03)
7. La busqueda (1:25)
8. Los zapatos le molestaban (1:36)
9. La mirada del adios (4:03)
10. Acantilado (0:43)
11. Un arcon de madera (1:54)
12. Desaparecer (0:44)
13. Triste le roi (2:09)
14. Soy Ana (1:58)
15. Tus ruinas (1:44)
16. El plan (2:18)
17. Hija mia, mi querida (4:29)