Price(USD): $22.80

CD No: QR523
Release Date: 2023/05/27
Format: 1CD

Quartet Records presents the new score by renowned composer Fernando Velazquez (THE IMPOSSIBLE, A MONSTER CALLS, CRIMSON PEAK, HERCULES) for a Mexican film written and directed by Raul Ramon.

In an unusual stylistic mash-up of westerns and Ealing comedies, EL PODEROSO VICTORIA tells the story of the town of La Esperanza in the year 1936. The town’s mining industry?its principal economic activity?must close down, and along with the closing of the mine comes news that the local railroad route will be canceled. The town’s young student machinist and mechanic will have to choose between crossing to the United States and giving up the love of his life or staying to help a group of villagers who plan to build their own train to keep the route active.

Fernando Velazquez provides an impressive, full-epic symphonic score, 73 minutes of pure film music composed as in the good old days?romantic, tuneful, with a radiant love theme. It’s exciting, emotional music, meticulously performed by the Basque National Orchestra under the baton of the composer. Limited edition: 500 units

Track List

1. Creditos (2:57)
2. Estacion 3speranza (3:18)
3. No mires atras (2:01)
4. El fin de la ruta (2:07)
5. Adios padrino (1:45)
6. Tema de Don Edgar (1:16)
7.El Wixarika (0:49)
8. !Llego un telegrama! (2:17)
9. El ultimo tren (2:22)
10. Perdido en el desierto (1:52)
11. !Vamos a hacer un tren! (3:51)
12. Una nueva esperanza (1:55)
13. Llamada telefonica (2:32)
14. Lo imposible solo tarda un poco mas (2:23)
15. 100 pesos de plata (1:26)
16. Un brindis por el Poderoso Victoria (2:36)
17. La carta (2:14)
18. ?Reposado o blanco? (3:02)
19. El curandero (2:07)
20. El viaje de “burro” (1:51)
21. Victoria y Duran (2:21)
22. Sabotaje (3:05)
23. El Fenix (2:57)
24. Nadie podra llamarnos perdedores (6:51)
25. La culebra (4:50)
26. La odisea del Poderoso Victoria (5:09)
27. Epilogo (1:39)