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CD No: QR432
Release Date: 2020/10/23
Format: 1CD

Quartet Records and Solisterrae Music presents the new score by Pascal Gaigne (HANDIA, LOREAK, EL OLIVO, REMEMBER ME) for the Dominican film drama directed by Hector Valdez.

The film is about Braulio, who works with his grandfather at the border town of Malpaso. His twin, Candido, remains secluded due to his albinism. After their grandfather passes, Braulio will look after Candido, who dreams of the return of their father.

Pascal Gaigne has written a very emotional and sensitive score. Performed by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra under the baton of David Hernando Rico, where different soloists act as the inner voices of the characters ? especially cello, harp and guitar.

This album represents, once again, the powerful and unique voice of Pascal Gaigne within the contemporary European film music community. For this score, the composer won the special prize of the Malaga Film Festival for Best Original Score of 2020. Limited edition: 300 units ---from the label.

Track List

1. El Silencio (5:52)
2. Sonidos de la extrema noche (2:03)
3. Ruido Blanco
4. El Arenero (2:19)
5. Fuego (2:31)
6. Malpaso (8:13)
7. Fe Creole (5:56)
8. Diferencias (5:08)
9. Mundo suspendido (3:55)
10. Figuras simbolicas (5:43)
11. Malpaso (creditos) (2:26)