Price(USD): $22.80

CD No: QR415
Release Date: 2020/07/28
Format: 1CD

Quartet Records presents the world premiere release of the adventure score composed by Pino Donaggio (CARRIE, DRESSED TO KILL, THE HOWLING, PATRICK) for THE ORDER, a Jean-Claude van Damme Middle Eastern escapade.

Directed by Sheldon Lettich (the screenwriter of BLOODSPORT), THE ORDER finds JCVD in the middle of a millennium-spanning conspiracy as a radically religious knighthood intends to launch one last apocalyptic cataclysm for the glory of God. It’s up to a master thief and an Israeli police officer to unravel the truth and stop the final attack that could jeopardize the lives of thousands of believers …

Pino Donaggio’s music focuses on Middle Eastern flavor and religious splendor with a majestic choral hymn representing the constructive aspects of faith. Besides several action cues that could be expected with the genre, there’s a lovely romantic theme for the relationship between Rudy and Lt. Dalia Barr as well as a high-energy klezmer piece recorded for one of the more off-kilter chase sequences.

Performed by The Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra & Chorus conducted by Natale Massara, this release has been remixed by Paolo Steffan from recently discovered original multi-tracks under the composer’s supervision. Mastered by Chris Malone, the package includes liner notes by Gergely Hubai discussing the film, the composer and the score.
Limited edition: 500 units---from the label.

Track List

01. Knights Templar (4:56)
02. The Bus (3:01)
03. Planning The Theft (4:55)
04. The Cult (1:52)
05. Israel (3:33)
06. Klezmer Jokes (1:49)
07. Escape From The Plane (2:54)
08. The Theft (3:21)
09. Dalia (0:57)
10. The Land (2:19)
11. The Prophecy (1:09)
12. A Father In Danger (1:54)
13. Street Market (1:15)
14. The Dungeons (3:39)
15. The Grand Master (2:40)
16. The Treasure (4:04)
17. Fight in the Cave (2:17)
18. Chase Through The Village (2:36)
19. On To A New Adventure (4:17)