2. ATAME!


Price(USD): $22.80

CD No: QR404
Release Date: 2019/12/09
Format: 1CD

Quartet Records, Universal Music Publishing Italia and El Deseo present a limited remastered reissue of the Ennio Morricone score for Pedro Almodovar’s classic film ATAME! (aka TIE ME UP! TIE ME DOWN!) to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Although the director’s previous films had original music by Bernardo Bonezzi, disagreements during the final process of MUJERES AL BORDE DE UN ATAQUE DE NERVIOS had ruptured their collaboration. Almodovar decided to hire Ennio Morricone (who had just had several consecutive triumphs with the music of THE MISSION, THE UNTOUCHABLES, FRANTIC and CINEMA PARADISO) to compose the score of his new film. Morricone wrote for ATAME! a radiantly melancholic, lovely score that recalls some of his most elaborate compositions for romantic dramas in the late sixties?early seventies.

Since there isn’t a single cue among the session tapes that was not included on the original album?the film contains about 25 minutes of music and the album 43 (with a couple of alternate versions and some cues?such as the main theme?recorded especially for it), we have duplicated Morricone’s original program, which is all the music recorded for the film. We have also included as a bonus track the song “Resistire” by Duo Dinamico, which plays a key role in the film. This remastered reissue has been produced by Claudio Fuiano, and the 12-page full-color booklet contains liner notes and track-by-track rundown analysis by Gergely Hubai. Limited 750 copies. ---from the label.

Release Date: 2019/12/9

Track List

1. Atame! (2:44)
2. El castillo encantado (3:10)
3. Noche urbana (5:43)
4. El pueblo deshabitado (2:12)
5. Las dos hermanas (2:35)
6. Inquieta (1:22)
7. Dejame sola (3:44)
8. Introduccion al psiquiatrico (2:41)
9. Si supieras cuantas noches (1:46)
10. Cuento infantil (3:30)
11. El fantasma del caballo (1:07)
12. La ciudad de mueve (3:57)
13. Atame! (3:01)
14. Loco por Marina (2:59)
15. Introduccion al psiquiatrico (1:43)
16. Resistire (4:03) Vocal: Duo Dinamico