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CD No: QR328
Release Date: 2019/01/22
Format: 1CD

Quartet Records presents the original motion picture score composed by Olivier Arson (Que Dios nos perdone, La zona) for the acclaimed Spanish movie El Reino (The Realm, 2018), directed by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, written by Sorogoyen and Isabel Pena, and starring Antonio de la Torre, Nacho Fresneda, Luis Zahera, Monica Lopez, Ane Wagener and Jose Maria Pou. The film is about a Spanish politician whose high-class lifestyle, based on nefarious and illegal business, threatens to break his entire party after a newspaper expose him to the public eye.

Olivier Arson composed an entirely electronic and techno score for the film. It’s frantically dynamic, immersing the story in a labyrinth of chaos and tension, as unpredictable as the protagonist's distinctiveness.

Produced and mixed by the composer, mastered by Carlos Koschitzsky, the music is presented in six suites, partially re-recorded and re-mixed for the album, on a musical journey to the dark side of politics. ---from the label.

Release Date: 2019/1/22

Track List

01. I (6:17)
02. II (5:28)
03. III (5:46)
04. IV (1:58)
05. V (6:06)
06 VI (7:50)