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We are happy to present one of Ang Lee's favorite soundtracks in an expanded version. Digitally remastered by James Nelson from the composers own tapes, with liner notes by Randall Larson, this CD features 2 previously unreleased tracks. Sequenced by Mader himself for optimum listening pleasure, the album contains the complete score from the movie. --- from the label.

“When I met Ang Lee for the first time in 1992 to discuss music for “THE WEDDING BANQUET,” neither he nor I could have anticipated the huge success the film would garner internationally, nor the wide appeal of its theme through its broadcast life to this day. Cultural merging and sexual pairings have ceaselessly fashioned our world, they fascinate us! And the clashes often ensued in the process provide us with many clues on our differences and ability to come together as one. It is with great humility and humor, and a deep appreciation of humanity in all its complexity that Ang Lee brought “THE WEDDING BANQUET” to life, and weaved its social fresco between an old world of Eastern traditions and the Western gender-bending idiosyncrasies of our modern world, specifically New-York-City at its spiciest in the early 90’s. The musical challenge was, of course, to be able to merge these two opposite worlds, highlighting the humor, while ensuring that the depth of its theme, conveyed through a deceptively simple story, brought Ang’s deeply humanitarian vision to the foreground in the end. In these early ‘Renaissance’ days of indie movies, at a time when Hollywood was suffering from a state self-induced bloatedness, “THE WEDDING BANQUET” filled a void, and its overwhelming success imposed a new trend for the next decade, one of integrity and discovery, it opened the door to ‘World’ cinema, as we enjoy it today, This reissue of the original soundtrack has been personally supervised by Mader, This superb collection has been superbly re-mastered, and compiled with alternative takes, and mixes, and augmented by copious out takes, recorded at the time of ‘THE WEDDING BANQUET”, and previously unreleased. Enjoy!”
Los Angeles, February 28, 2012

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Track List

1. Happy Birthday, Simon! 2:33
2. Rhumba 1 1:31
3. Rhumba 3 0:43
4. Mao/ Going Through Photos 1:13
5. Pa Stalking 0:30
6. Ping Sha Luo Yan 9:48
7. Ma and Pa Arrive 0:41
8. Turkish March 2:44
9. Old Chen 0:47
10. Mr. Gao's Heart 6:11
11. The Boiling Point 2:06
12. The Banquet 3:50
13. The Maiden's Prayer 3:30
14. Hospital 0:28
15. Wai Tung Tells Ma 0:31
16. Ma's Picture Book 4:05
17. Rhumba (End Credits) 3:53
18. Airport 5:00
19. Salon 0:22