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CD No: PRD-032
Release Date:
Format: 1CD

Newly sequenced mix created by the composer, and differs considerably from the 1996 promotional recording he put together at the time of the film’s release. To create a more cohesive and progressive listening experience, several of the tracks presented separately on the promo album have been combined while nearly 20 minutes of previously unreleased music have been added, including two solo piano pieces intended as source music but not used in the film (“Riddle Fiddle” and “Riddle Fiddle Faddle” - the latter incorporates the film’s main theme into its melody). The result is surely a score worth remembering. Limited 1200 copies. ---From the label.

Track List

1. Unforgettable 3:51
2. Desire 1:44
3. Feed Your Head 7:27
4. Twice Dead 10:36
5. Without You 2:10
6. Celestial Blimp 4:44
7. Scream Serum 3:27
8. Crucifixion Cerebellum 5:02
9. Within You 5:11
10. Head Goo 5:05
11. Forgotten 4:52

Bonus Tracks:

12. Riddle Fiddle 4:04