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CD No: PRD-008
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Format: 1CD

The compilation album contains music from such films as MUHAMMAD ALI: A TWILIGHT PORTRAIT, WHERE EVIL LIVES, HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS, different DEADLY SPAWN recordings than the Perseverance Records release, the unreleased MASTER RACE FROM MARS, as well as the concept albums GODZILLA VS YOUR MOTHER and ELEPHANTS GLIDING ON ICE, and some (mostly) previously unreleased tracks specifically compiled for this album.

Track List

1. What Are You Doing on the Way to Your Death? {From Elephants Gliding on - 1:38
2. Decay of the Collective Nervous System {From Elephants Gliding on Ice} - 1:17
3. Slow Down from Japanese Animal Tranquilizer {From Elephants Gliding on - 1:37
4. Retro-Active {From God' Dares You to Buy This!} - 4:28
5. Life Is Just a Memory Past {From Elephants Gliding on Ice} - 1:56
6. Where Evil Lives (Theme) {From Where Evil Lives} - 3:13
7. Dancing as the Music Plays While the Crazy Killer Slays {From Where Evi - 2:46
8. Evil's in Her Pants, But Will She Find Romance? {From Where Evil Lives} - 2:33
9. Motor Psycho {From Where Evil Lives} - 2:24
10. The Garbage in Your Brain Served for Lunch on a Plate to the Neighbour's Do - 7:47
11. Malice in Wonderland {From God' Dares You to Buy This!} - 6:47
12. The Mentality of Punching People for a Living (Theme from Muhammad Ali: A T - 3:44
13. The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face (Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Theme) - 3:01
14. Hollywood and Bust {From Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers} - 2:18
15. Spawn with the Wind {From Deadly Spawn} - 2:33
16. Suck of the Vampire {From Where Evil Lives} - 0:17
17. Master Race from Mars (Theme) {From Master Race from Mars} - 3:29
18. Chinese Year of the Martian {From Master Race from Mars} - 1:04
19. Love Is in the Air-Or Is That Gas? {From Master Race from Mars} - 0:52
20. Romance for Martian Lesbians {From Master Race from Mars} - 1:37
21. Lost in Place {From Master Race from Mars} - 2:07
22. Science Friction {From Godzilla vs. Your Mother} - 1:24
23. Chance Trance {From Godzilla vs. Your Mother} - 3:03
24. The Internal Beast of the Mocking Machine {From Godzilla vs. Your Mother} - 4:20
25. Xmas in Hell-A Holiday Dinner with the Family {From God' Dares You to B - 3:50
26. Honky-Tonk Hooker Blues {From Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers} - 2:58
27. [Untitled Track] - 2:36