2. Princess Letter(s)! From Idol Complete Best Album

Princess Letter(s)! From Idol Complete Best Album

Price(USD): $21.80

CD No: POCS-21058
Release Date: 2023/09/27
Format: 1CD

The unique concept of "correspondence with characters in the real world" by Shochiku is a popular and emo "2-dimensional idol of the music school", "Princess Letter ( s ) ! From Idol" - a.k.a. "Prileta" - is a unique concept that allows users to communicate with characters in the real world. The album features some of the industry's most gorgeous composers, including Shota Horie ( kemu ), Taku Inoue, Beard Driver, KOTONOHOUSE, Kamearia, Tomggg, and bassy ( Nyarons ), and is produced by the idols Ganuya Yoshino ( CV: Riyo Takahashi ), Ayame Mizuki ( CV: Tomori Kusunoki ), Tayori Goldfish Bowl ( CV: Yu Serizawa ), and the three members of the "Princess Letter ( s ) ! CV: Yu Serizawa), three popular voice actresses who are idols in the series. In addition, all of the "Voice Actor x Poetry Reading Songs" that have become synonymous with Prileta are also included! The album also includes the undistributed poetry reading song "In a Corner of the Passing Seasons," original BGM by Prileta's poetry reading artist, Hinata Backami, and "Kotobana Letter (s)! and "Kotobana Letter ( s )" solo version by each voice actor, all of which you can only hear if you get the CD! This is a one-of-a-kind CD that is truly a complete best and a new kind of music experience.
Release Date: 2023.9.27