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Label: Diggers Factory(UK)
CD No: PL2404456
Release Date: 2024/08/09
Format: 1CD

Francis Lai is France's best-selling international film composer, with hits such as "Love Story", "Bilitis" and "Un Homme et une Femme".
International hits in the USA, Germany, the UK and South America, as well as in Korea and Japan, where the Francis Lai Orchestra recorded the tribute album "13 Jours au Japon" just a few months ago, during a tour that took them to Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and elsewhere.
A limited-edition featuring the composer's cult tracks, including the 100 million-stream digital hit "La Lecon Particuliere", "Concerto Pour la Fin d'Amour", five songs and, for the first time, his unpublished posthumous work "The Final Dot".
13 Jours au Japon" (13 Days in Japan) is the ultimate tribute, featuring 25 musicians and singers covering the multi-award-winning works of the man nicknamed in the USA:
"the aristocrat of melody"!

Track List

1 Itineraire D'un Enfant GATE
2 Le Passager de la Pluie
3 La Lecon Particuliere
4 Bilitis
5 La Chanson de Melissa
6 Vivre Pour Vivre
7 La Valse Du Mariage
8 Les Etoiles Du Cinema
9 13 Jours en France
10 Concerto Pour la Fin D'un Amour
11 L'amour Est Plus Fort Que Nous
12 Un Homme Et Une Femme
13 Love Story
14 The Final Dot