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In 1971, writer/director Norman Lear was at the brink of becoming the toast of TV sitcoms with the creation of ALL IN THE FAMILY, THE JEFFERSONS and MAUDE. Shortly before, Lear cut his satirical teeth on the big screen with COLD TURKEY, the ribald, politically-charged comedy starring Dick Van Dyke in a career-bending, post-MARY POPPINS role of an ambitious reverend leading the eccentric denizens of a small Iowa town in an attempt to win a $25 million contest to stop smoking for 30 days. The cast was a stellar who’s who of soon-to-be TV legends, including Bob Newhart, Jean Stapleton, Tom Poston, Barnard Hughes and even radio’s famed Bob & Ray (Bob Elliott & Ray Goulding)

To capture the classical refrains of Americana, Lear recruited then-budding songwriter and pop vocalist Randy Newman to write the score. Newman, no stranger to film music thanks to legendary careers of family members Alfred and Lionel, accepted the daunting task. The result is the world’s first inauguration to Newman’s lyrical, yet often sardonic brand of scoring, one which lead to the much-heralded scores for RAGTIME, THE NATURAL, PARENTHOOD and most recently, LEATHERHEADS.

Percepto Records is proud to present the World Premiere release of this monumental score, which contains every note of music written for the film, including Newman’s classic song “He Gives Us All His Love,” plus over 25 minutes of bonus material, including unused music and rare source cues.

This deluxe limited edition CD has been digitally remastered from an original set of master tapes pulled from Newman’s own private library and also includes our usual eye-popping full-color booklet with liner notes by ace journalist Jeff Bond, including a new interview with the composer, and a rare collection of behind-the-scenes photos from the film.

Only 1,000 copies are being pressed, so grab your favorite pair of smokes, fire up your CD player and inhale the score that kicked off one of the most prolific careers in film scoring history!

Track List

1. Opening (The Flag) 0:17
2. He Gives Us All His Love (Performed by Randy Newman) 2:35
3. Reverend Running 2:14
4. City Council Debates 0:49
5. Public Leaders Chime In 1:25
6. Please Sign The Pledge 2:07
7. Paul Hardly Speaks 0:37
8. God’s People 0:38
9. Public Leaders 0:37
10. Dawn in Eagle Rock 0:25
11. The Town Copes 1:13
12. World Famous 2:11
13. Natalie’s Theme 0:26
14. Flying Poodle 0:29
15. Walter Chronic Arrives 0:47
16. Carnival College 1:45
17. Commercialism Montage 2:37
18. He Gives Us All His Love 2:03
19. Milk and Cookies 0:32
20 Press Set-Up / Last Day 0:36
21. He Gives Us All His Love (Performed by Randy Newman) 2:20

22. Unused Score Suite 6:25
23. Cocktail Piano 1:16
24. In a Mellow Mood 2:38
25. Organ Postlude 0:53
26. Washington Post March 1:27
27. S.O.C. 0:26
28. Stars and Stripes Forever (John Philip Sousa) 1:23
29. Hail to the Chief 0:49
30. Marching Band Medley 2:27
31. Unused Source 1 2:00
32. Unused Source 2 1:55

Total Time 49:39