2. Philanthropy/ Hauschka

Philanthropy/ Hauschka

Price(USD): $17.50

Label: p*dis(JPN)
CD No: PDIP-6607
Release Date: 2023/11/30
Format: 1CD

The first studio album since winning the Academy Award is now available. The explorers of the prepared piano are back. He creates positive, energetic pop songs. The album is a musical expression of philanthropy, and the song titles and sound atmospheres are the result of his exploration of a variety of themes, sometimes with a glimpse of optimism. The album's song titles and atmospheres are the result of exploring a variety of themes, with occasional glimpses of optimism. The album was produced in 2022 with a focus on piano and synthesizer, and also introduced instruments such as cello and violin. Each piece has a different theme reflecting his diverse musical approach. Laura Wiek on cello, Karina Buschinger on violin, and Samuli Kosminen of Mumm on drums. The album includes pieces that were created in sessions with these musicians, and is a testament to Hauschka's musical maturity. After a long and successful career in film music, which included a BAFTA nomination and an Academy Award for "No Stranger on the Western Front," Hauschka returned to his solo career. This album is a gift of thoughtful and moving music that expresses a rich musicality with a philanthropic spirit, and marks the birth of his masterpiece.
Release Date: 2023.11.30