2. MANKAI STAGE A3! ACT2!: AUTUMN 2023[Regular Edition] (Blu-ray)

MANKAI STAGE A3! ACT2!: AUTUMN 2023[Regular Edition] (Blu-ray)

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CD No: PCXG-50838
Release Date: 2024/05/08
Format: 1BD

Ace Te's New Series MANKAI STAGE "A3!" ACT2 ~AUTUMN 2023~ to be Released on Blu-ray! The latest in the popular series with an audience of over 500,000! The MANKAI STAGE "A3!" series, based on the popular "A3!" game that has been downloaded more than 8 million times, has been constantly developing its appeal since its stage adaptation in 2018. A3!" series, which has been showing its activities beyond the boundaries of the stage through live performances and live-action movies, will enter the second part of its main storyline, "ACT2! The MANKAI Company, which has welcomed its sixth new member from each troupe, will become a family of 24 and bloom into a full-blown flower. And the story enters a new season. In this production, the fifth performance of the new Akigumi, "Burn yo Manju-ken! (lead actor: Taichi Nanao) and "Fallen Blood" (lead actor: Juza Hyodo), the sixth performance of the new Akigumi. (Cast) [Autumn group] Settsu Banri: Mizue Kenta / Hyodo Juza: Nakamura Taro / Taichi Nanao: Akazawa Ryotaro / Fushimiomi: Inagaki Seiya / Furuichi Sakyo: Fujita Rei / Izumida Azumi: Yoshitaka Shin [Summer group] Mukaizaka Muku: Noguchi Jun / Hyodo Kyumon: Shinsho Jun [OTHERS] Sakoda Ken: Tauchi Kiuyu / Kashima Yuzo: Kujirai Kosuke / Matsukawa Isuke: Taguchi Ryo / 2023 Included the triumphant return to Tokyo on December 22 (Fri.), 2023. The performance on December 22 is mainly recorded and re-edited.
Release Date: 2024.5.8