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Format: 1CD


Presenting the world-premiere release of acclaimed composer Basil Poledouris’ score to the 14-Hour 1987 ABC Mini-Series AMERIKA, starring Kris Kristofferson (LONE STAR) and Sam Neill (HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER) and directed by Donald Wrye (ICE CASTLES). Depicting the takeover of the US by the Soviet Union, this is considered by many to be the most controversial American mini-series ever produced. Mr. Poledouris’ sensational, multi-faceted orchestra score, performed by The Hollywood Symphony Orchestra, provides this landmark television event with its dramatic spine - his music expertly weaving epic scope with nuanced character. This never-before-released score has been remastered directly from the original tapes, supervised by the composer.

Track List

1. Main Title-AMERIKA
2. Alethea
3. Supper
4. U.N.S.S.U (United Nations Special Security Unit)
5. Red Tide Pimple
6. Ghost & Indoctrination
7. Humiliation of Alethea
8. Ride to the Bothel/Helmut & Alethea
9. Devlin's Return
10. All Prisoners
11. Squatters (Homeless)
12. Milford Morning
13. Anmcestor's Strength
14. Omaha Morning/Helmut Intervenes
15. The Dance Beings
16. Dieter's View
17. I'm An American
18. The Homeless March
19. Burial
20. Ceremony Montage
21. Train to Vladivostock
22. Terrorists Arrive/Capital Means
23. Andrei's View
24. We're All Prisoners Now
25. The Meaning
Total Time: 75:39