2. 366 DAYS

366 DAYS

Price(USD): $16.90

CD No: PCCR-756
Release Date: 2024/06/05
Format: 1CD

In the once-every-four-years leap year, the writer of "Saiai" and the director of "Gibomusu" present an original love story inspired by HY's famous song "366 Days"! The original soundtrack of Fuji TV drama "366 Days", a love story "366 Days" starring Alice Hirose, will be released on April 9, 2012. This is an original story inspired by the world of HY's famous song "366 Days". It is an epic love story about a man and a woman who start their lives again to fulfill their love that didn't come true in high school, and continue to think about their loved ones despite the unexpected tragedy they face.
Release Date: 2024.6.5