2. VAMPIRE SUICIDE 2 Opening Theme: NEW DRAMA PARADISE [Regular Edition]

VAMPIRE SUICIDE 2 Opening Theme: NEW DRAMA PARADISE [Regular Edition]

Price(USD): $11.90

CD No: PCCG-2170
Release Date: 2023/01/18
Format: 1CD

Jun Fukuyama's 5th single is the opening theme song for the TV anime "Vampire Suicide 2" scheduled to start airing from January 2023! The 5th single "NEW DRAMA PARADISE" is a refreshing change from the previous single "DIES IN NO TIME". The piano and drums are lightly chiming, and the gorgeous brass sound adorns the groove, inviting the audience to join in with handclaps! NEW DRAMA PARADISE" is composed and arranged by Junichi Sato of fhana, with lyrics by Yohei Matsui of TECHNOBOYS PULCRAFT GREEN-FUND. The coupling "Sora from the back alley" is an exotic folkloric tune with the essence of a song, arranged by Takeshi Masuda, with lyrics by Yohei Matsui, who also wrote the lyrics, looking back on his life with nostalgia for an old castle. Here, Fukuyama delivers a nostalgic yet powerful song that looks at his present self. This is a message song in the style of "Jun Fukuyama" that makes you look back at the future and past of "your place" from the present!
Release Date: 2023.1.18