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Label: OWARU(FR)
CD No: OWA001
Release Date: 2021/12/06
Format: 1CD

OWARU is the meeting of two friends and artists, Arnaud Forestier on piano and Adrien Duterte on flute. Playing along the lines of jazz and classical music, this energetic duo draws from a large palette of genres in order to highlight many of the most famous works from Japanese pop culture.
After more than twenty shows featuring the original music of the Final Fantasy franchise, the band has decided to release an album solely focused on this repertoire. From the most epic to more sorrowful themes, the duo pays homage to the most famous pieces by Nobuo Uematsu and Masashi Hamauzu.
Recorded at Studio 7eme Ciel, the album Owaru Plays Music From Final Fantasy is a love letter to these video games and their universe. The themes are presented through new and beautiful arrangements and interpretations, while respecting the original vision of the composers. Including titles like “Chocobo’s Theme” from FFVII, “Terra’s theme” from FFVI or even the epic “Vamo’alla Flamenco “ FFIX), OWARU sheds a new light on these iconic soundtracks.
Throughout the 17 tracks of the album, some regular guests of the duo are featured, such as Japanese lyrical singer Naoko Matsui on Suteki Da Ne (FFX), as well as Ujin Ko on flute and Juliette Boyer on double bass.

Track List

1. Vamo’ Alla Flamenco - Final Fantasy IX
2. Suteki Da Ne - Final Fantasy X
3. Terra’s Theme - Final Fantasy VI
4. Final Fantasy Main Theme
5. Fighting - Final Fantasy VII
6. A Place To Call Home - Final Fantasy IX
7. Aerith’s Theme - Final Fantasy VII
8. To Zanarkand - Final Fantasy X
9. Cinco de Chocobo - Final Fantasy VII
10. You’re Not Alone - Final Fantasy IX
11. Parochial Town (ft. Juliette Boyer) - Final Fantasy VII
12. Costa Del Sol (ft. Juliette Boyer) - Final Fantasy VII
13. Tifa’s Theme - Final Fantasy VII
14. Wish - Final Fantasy XIII-2
15. The Promise - Final Fantasy XIII
16. Cosmo Canyon - Final Fantasy VII
17. Suteki Da Ne (ft. Naoko Matsui and Ujin Ko) - Final Fantasy X