2. Lumiere/ Nejishiki [Limited Release]

Lumiere/ Nejishiki [Limited Release]

Price(USD): $17.50

Label: syudou商店(JPN)
CD No: OTTO-464
Release Date: 2023/11/29
Format: 1CD

It is a compilation cover album, featuring vocaloid producer Nejishiki. A wide variety of female singers cover his popular songs. Contains nine songs, including "Ice breaker" sung by Itsuki Natsume and Nakuru Aitsuki, "Datura to Ringo" sung by Tsukino, "Ajisai no Yoru" sung by Kakichoco, "Bloody Gravity" sung by Kai (ex. Screaming Sixties), "Zankoku to Junsui" sung by Montero, "Dahlia Dahlia" sung by Aran, "Ikasama Juliet" sung by Mizuki, "Nanakusa Yumemonogatari" sung by Shikibu Meguri, and "Emotion Express" sung by nayuta.
Release Date: 2023.11.29(Limited)