2. HITS, MISSES, BEAT GIRLS & 007/The John Barry Seven

HITS, MISSES, BEAT GIRLS & 007/The John Barry Seven

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CD No: OTLCD-70162
Release Date: 2019/11/06
Format: 1CD

Trumpeter/bandleader/composer/arranger/producer JOHN?BARRY is perhaps nowadays chiefly remembered for his memorable movie themes; but long before his composing successes he'd fronted the UK's finest Rock & Roll band, THE JOHN BARRY SEVEN. Apart from Barry, on trumpet, their most celebrated member was legendary guitarist Vick Flick, whose elegant twanging graces all but two of these sides. This compilation presents the very best of the JBS's recordings for EMI's Parlophone and Columbia labels, between 1957-62. Includes the hits 'Hit And Miss', 'Beat For Beatniks', 'Never Let Go', 'Blueberry Hill', 'Walk Don't Run', 'Black Stockings', 'The Magnificent Seven', 'Cutty Sark' and the career-defining 'James Bond Theme'. Also includes a couple of fearsome rarities, 'Saturday's Child' from a "Saturday Club" LP, and 'Rocco's Theme', which was released under the pseudonym 'Michael Angelo & His Orchestra'. This is by far the most comprehensive compilation of John Barry Seven material available. *Non Japan-made disc.
Release Date: 2019.11.6

Track List

1. Zip Zip
2. Every Which Way
3. Big Guitar
4. Pancho
5. Farrago
6. Bee's Knees
7. Long John
8. Little John
9. Twelfth Street Rag
10. Hit and Miss
11. Rockin' Already
12. Beat for Beatniks
13. Big Fella
14. Beat Girl Main Title Theme
15. Lindon Home Rock
16. The Sharks
17. The Stripper
18. Never Let Go
19. Blueberry Hill
20. Walk Don't Run
21. I'm Movin' on
22. Black Stockings
23. Saturday's Child
24. The Magnificent Seven
25. The Menace
26. Starfire
27. Zapata
28. Rum-Dee-Dum-Dee-Dah
29. Man from Madrid
30. The Challenge
31. Rocco's Theme (As Michael Angelo & His Orchestra)
32. Watch Your Step
33. Cutty Sark
34. The James Bond Theme
35. The Blacksmith Blues
36. The Lolly Theme