2. RAIN MAN (New Remastered)

RAIN MAN (New Remastered)

Price(USD): $74.80

CD No: NFN1010
Release Date: 2018/04/17
Format: 1CD

When the original score to Rain Man finally received it's world premiere release in 2010, fans were elated that the much requested, Oscar nominated music by one of the world's premiere film composers, Hans Zimmer would finally be out on CD. Once we saw that the score was available to license, we at Notefornote Music decided to reissue this fixing the one glaring issue that fans had with that release, sound quality. Taken from a pristine digital source and tapes we had found at MGM, we feel this is the best representation of Hans Zimmer's wonderful score to Rain Man. One thing we respect is a great score and this is definitely one of the great ones of the 1980s. This has been a labor of love and we hope you agree. Limited Edition of 1,000 copies ---From the label.

Track List

1. Drive From The Country (1:25)
2. Empty House / Charlie's Memories (1:23)
3. Drive To The Bank And Wallbrook (1:26)
4. Leaving Wallbrook (1:43)
5. Traffic Accident And Aftermath (4:05)
6. Train Crossing / Walk Don't Run / Farmhouse (2:53)
7. Putting Ray To Bed (2:15)
8. On The Road (1:24)
9. Las Vegas (7:01)
10. Charlie Tries To Hug Raymond (1:05)
11. Smoke Alarm / Freaked / Baby Burn (1:27)
12. Pancakes / My Main Man (2:42)
13. Train Station Goodbye (1:59)
14. End Credits (3:19)
15. Leaving Wallbrook / On The Road (2:53) (Bonus Track)
16. Las Vegas / End Credits (8:21) (Bonus Track)