Price(USD): $22.80

CD No: NFN-1024
Release Date: 2021/08/06
Format: 1CD

Novelist Sian Anderson travels to the solitude Greek island Monemvasia from her Los Angeles home to write her newest mystery book; she is also advised that a strong and massive wind will occur throughout the night and is recommended to stay indoors while the wind blows from the sea. While writing her novel, she witnesses the local handyman, Phil, murder her landlord, Elias Appleby, and soon comes under attack from the crazed psychopath while the deadly wind continues to occur throughout the night.

Featuring music by Stanley Myers and Hans Zimmer and never before released on CD. When we approached Omega to release this score, we were hoping for pristine masters and they definitely had them. This is a great 80s horror score augmented by some great orchestral passages.
Limited edition of 1,000 copies.

Track List

1. 1m01 Pinocchio My Son / 1M02 Loving Airship / 1m03-04 Sian's Theme (4:16) Stanley Myers
2. 1M05 Believe In Ghosts / 2m06 Banging Shutter / 2m07 The Wind #1 / 2m08 The Wind #2 (1:28) Hans Zimmer
3. 2m07A Greek Theme (1:23) Stanley Myers
4. 2m09 Stranger On The Island (1:52) Hans Zimmer
5. 3m10 Phil's Entrance / 3m11 Advice On The Murder / 3m14 Phil Suspense (1:53) Hans Zimmer
6. 3m12 Elias' Murder (1:33) Stanley Myers
7. 3m15 Hello Scarecrow (1:48) Stanley Myers
8. 4m17 Threatened / 4m18 Down To The Cellar (1:11) Hans Zimmer
9. 4m19A Cassette Player Source (3:15) Hans Zimmer
10. 4m19B Cassette Player Overlay (0:28) Stanley Myers
11. 5m21 Sickle Theme (0:34) Hans Zimmer
12. 5m22 Around The House / 5m23 Blowing His Fuse / 5m24 Elias' Wife (4:37) Hans Zimmer
13. 6m25 Death Of Elias' Wife (0:59) Stanley Myers
14. 6m26 Knife / 6m27 Phone Call / 6m28 Silent Threat / 6m29 You'll Die, Anderson (4:17) Hans Zimmer
15. 6m29A Corpse In The Closet (2:03) Hans Zimmer
16. 7m30 Climbing The Wall (1:10) Stanley Myers
17. 7m31 A Moment Of Relief (0:59) Hans Zimmer
18. 8m34 Broken Statuette / 8m35 Bad Lovin' (3:13) Hans Zimmer
19. 8m36 Phil In Pursuit / 9m37 The Snear (2:50) Hans Zimmer
20. 9m38 Danger Avoided / 9m39 Shoot Up / 9m40 Phil Gets It Wrong (4:27) Hans Zimmer
21. 10m41 The Earth Moves / 10m42 Talking To Bones / 10m43 Phil Gets Vertigo (4:30) Stanley Myers
22. 10m43 Overlay Heart Beat (Wild) (1:25) Hans Zimmer
23. 10m44 End Title (2:40) Stanley Myers