2. HOMECOMING: Season 2 (180g Vinyl, Black 2LP)

HOMECOMING: Season 2 (180g Vinyl, Black 2LP)

Price(USD): $76.80

Label: MONDO
Release Date: 2020/11/20
Format: 2LP

Mondo, in partnership with Lakeshore Music, is proud to present Emile Mosseri's score for the Amazon Original Series HOMECOMING: SEASON TWO.

Emile produces a vast array of work here (27 tracks in total) which is varied in tone but super cohesive; certain cues remind of classic Bernard Herrman. Others, you can hear faint echoes from The Shining by Wendy Carlos, but this is no mere pastiche, Emile's work is exciting, thoughtful, intense, and playful, sometimes within the same cue. A classic score in every sense that can easily hold it's own with any number of heavy-hitting scores from the 1960s/1970s. A genuine delight from start to finish and one that is sure to be high on many end of year lists come December 2020.
Please note for shipping purposes this counts as 9 discs

Track List

2 Motel
3 The Giant
4 Suddenly Temple
5 Beyond the Valley of the Berries
6 Leonard's Theme
7 Redwoods
8 Melon
9 The Orb
10 Blue Peach
11 Alex and Temple
12 What If
13 Prophylactic
14 Geist Maze
15 The Toothpaste Is Out of the Tube
16 Bunda
17 Lord of the Berries
18 Rock Hammer
19 Calico's Needle
20 Leonard's Reprise
21 Middle of the Lake
22 Drink Up
23 Aromarama
24 Casing Temple's House
25 Ice It Before It Swells
26 Jackie Goes Shopping
27 Calico Reprise