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Label: MovieScore Media(SW)
CD No: MMS23025
Release Date: 2023/11/07
Format: 1CD

Original score from the 2023 crime drama feature film directed by Belen Macias, starring Marta Nieto, Jose Coronado and Luis Callejo, produced by Movistar+, ICAA, RTVE and Tornasol Media, released by DeaPlaneta (Spain).

THE STORY: Madrid, summer of 2010. Commissioner Maria Ruiz investigates the sinister crime of a young man. With no visible identity and no clues or apparent motive, Maria will begin an investigation that will become more and more complicated.

THE SCORE: “The voice takes center stage in this soundtrack, serving as the main character. The music embodied in Verano en rojo somehow encapsulates a silent plea, a powerful expression that gives voice to silenced victims, to those childlike souls who have endured the consequences of abuses perpetrated by ecclesiastical shadows. Under the masterful direction of David Azurza, a mixed choir’s harmonies resonate within this musical ensemble. Through a diverse range of compositions, the choral pieces convey the historical weight of the ecclesiastical institution via deep male vocal tones, while the female voices form a choir that evokes the fragility of childhood. At the heart of this musical experience, soloist Julia Blasco stands as the very voice of childhood, embodying innocence and purity that are pivotal to the narrative. Like a guiding beacon, her voice becomes the central axis of the storyline. The symphony interweaves with electronic elements, blending the electronic with the orchestral in a melodic dance of strings and synthesizers. Genres flow and intermingle, ranging from suspenseful thriller elements to the grandeur of choral and orchestral music, all interconnected by the thread of electronic soundscapes.” ? Paula Olaz

THE COMPOSER: Paula Olaz, an esteemed composer hailing from Pamplona, Spain, possesses a remarkable and distinctive musical voice that resonates uniquely within the realm of film soundtracks. Her compositions are imbued with an originality that stems from her profound grasp of the psychology of music. Having ventured to Amsterdam at 19, Paula’s European odyssey led her through France, Germany, and Switzerland, expanding her musical horizons. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, where she studied film scoring, Paula’s technical prowess is matched by her dedication to teaching, evident through her work as a Graduate Assistant in Berklee’s Campus Tech Lab. Now based in San Sebastian, Paula infuses her compositions with a belief in music’s transformative potential, wielding her craft with devotion and an idealistic spirit. Her portfolio boasts scores for over 30 films, showcasing her versatility and collaboration skills. Her score of the evocative Nora, the wildlife music adventure of Beyond the Summit (La Cima) and Alguien que cuide de mi, have been released by MovieScore Media.

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