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CD No: MMS10017
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Format: 1CD

We are proud to be working for the first time with veteran composer and instrumentalist Richard Harvey, whose previous scores include Luther, Death of a President, television movies Animal Farm and Arabian Nights and who worked for Hans Zimmer on films such as The DaVinci Code and Beyond Rangoon. In 2007, Harvey composed a completely breathtaking adventure score for the French fantasy comedy Les deux mondes. As a homage to the big film epics, Harvey penned a very inspired, dramatic orchestral score (recorded in London) with substantial choral elements, solo voices and solo instruments such as dudk, recorder, ukulele and mandolin. The score also features such novelties as Zotanian chanting and Begamenian horns! Music is highly entertaining and features both epic themes, huge action setpieces, strikingly vivid scherzos and softer romantic writing. Highly recommended to fans of big orchestral epics! ---MovieScore Media

Track List

1. A Tyrant's Dinner 3:55
2. Another World Calls 2:39
3. A Levitating Cat and A Strange Journey 4:37
4. Nobody Believes Me! 5:05
5. Our Saviour 1:19
6. The Golden Stones 1:45
7. Duel with Zotanians, Next to the Fridge 1:44
8. Les Deux Mondes Theme 0:40
9. The Eve of Battle 3:32
10. 7 Women… For Me? 1:31
11. The Heat of Combat 3:25
12. 3000 Soldiers and a Tree Trunk 2:32
13. Building a Kingdom 2:12
14. Van Gogh Paint La Gioconda 4:09
15. Reign and Revolution 4:17
16. Back to Paris at Night 0:53
17. Final Duel with Zotan 3:33
18. Both Worlds Are Dangerous Now 3:06
19. Maleedja and Le Pont d'Asnieres 1:48
20. The Beach and The Totem 2:38
21. Les Deux Mondes End Titles 3:35
22. Call to Arms of the Begamenians 2:58