2. HORDE, The


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CD No: MMS10016
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Format: 1CD

One of the hottest up and coming Hollywood composers right now, Christopher Lennertz (Vampires Suck, Cats and Dogs 2, Supernatural) adds yet another CD to his discography with this amazing score from the French zombie movie, La Horde. The film premieres in UK cinemas following our album release of the highly energetic and inventive score. The film has already achieved a cult status among zombie movie fans, and Lennertz effective score certainly was among the film's aesthetic highlights!

Co-inciding with the UK theatrical release of this French zombie movie, MovieScore Media releases the aggressive and sonically interesting score for The Horde which was written by the very talented Christopher Lennertz (Meet the Spartans, Disaster Movie, Alvin and the Chipmunks) with additional music and co-production by Philip White.

In parts, the score might remind listeners of Lennertz Emmy-nominated work for Supernatural, and the composers came up with a very original palette for the score with many processed samples of instruments such as the duduk and the zourna, distorted Tuvan throat singing and other vocals, looped percussion, cimbalom, santoor, aleatoric orchestral elements and various solo woodwinds.

The result is an intense horror score driven by energy propelled by the directors wanting the music for their film to be 'badass'. ---MovieScore Media

Track List

1 Prologue 3.48
2 The Beating 2.23
3 Inside the Apartment 1.51
4 Held Hostage 4.42
5 Sound Behind the Doors 1.22
6 First Attack and Escape 4.03
7 Rooftop Realization 2.36
8 Badass Alliance 1.58
9 Oessem and Aurore 2.07
10 In the Darkness 2.36
11 Jo's Fight 2.35
12 Meeting Rene 2.57
13 Tony and Aurore 1.50
14 TV News 1.48
15 The Mirror 1.14
16 Bola Rebels 1.17
17 Zombie Humiliation 1.58
18 Mutiny 3.24
19 Facing the Horde 2.36
20 Guns 1.16
21 Headbanging 2.51
22 C'est Finis 3.48
23 Mouthful of Grenade 1.32
24 Daylight 2.15