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CD No: MMM-1973
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Format: 1CD

Virgin Sacrifice [MMM-1973] will be an ear-opener for fans of the talented team of Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter (Kronos, It! The Terror From Beyond Space, The Last Man on Earth). This little-known 1959 exploitation thriller contains a unique and memorable score from the pair.

Colorful and impressionistic, the music paints a picture of a beautiful and hostile jungle world. Full of evocative and moody passages, the 54-minute score is a masterpiece of orchestration, and might remind some of Sawtell’s superb Tarzan music that he wrote for RKO in the 1940s and 1950s. Judicious use of native chants and some inventive organ sounds only add to the fun. A one-of-a-kind soundtrack from two of Hollywood’s unsung heroes, this is a fun score to listen to and will transport you to a world far away. The music was transferred from the composers' original tape reels. The 20-page illustrated liner book details the music, the composers, and the movie. ---from the label.

Track List

Music composed by Paul Sawtell and Bert Shefter

1. Prelude and Main Title 3:54
2. Medal of Death 2:43
3. The Shawl 1:10
4. Samson & Morena :35
5. Vicuni Chief :22
6. The Mirror 1:31
7. Morena Pleads 1:01
8. The Killing 4:05
9. The Abduction 3:28
10. Samson on Trail 3:35
11. The Camp 1:11
12. Natives Ambushed 2:44
13. The Spear Trap 3:11
14. Over the Rapids 1:00
15. Vicuni Drums 1:30
16. Blood of the Tiger 1:38
17. Forbidden Grounds 1:59
18. Through the Cave 1:40
19. Samson Trapped 2:42
20. Waiting For the Sun 4:10
21. Tumac’s Death and End Title 2:04

Bonus Tracks!
22. Cantina Music 4:07
23. Drum Tracks 3:00
24. Vicuni Beat 1:00