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CD No: MM170301
Release Date: 2017/04/04
Format: 1CD

The first work in 2017 of Roque Banos, after titles like “In the Heart of the Sea”, “Evil Dead”, “1898. Los ultimos de Filipinas”, “Torente 4: Lethal Crisis”, “Diary of a Nymphomaniac”, “Tres 60”, “Muertos de risa”, etc.
A war film about a group of Spanish soldiers trapped in Afghanistan and the problems to rescue them, tras intervenir en ayuda de soldados estadounidenses.
The music composed by Banos is a beautiful combination of different kinds of music. On the one hand the use of ethnic music to define geographically the location of the film. On the other hand, the use of percussions that define the military character of the protagonists. Finally a dramatic music that serves to contextualize the difficult situation that movie are narrating.
A powerful and impact score in a limited edition, that shows an interesteing work of Spanish composer Roque Banos. --- from the label

Release Date: 2017/4/4.

Track List

01. El sonido de la vida (6:57)
02. Una mina en el camino (2:55)
03. Nos traemos el medevac (3:56)
04. Todos son pastores (5:46)
05. Ataque nocturno (7:42)
06. Puesto avanzado de combate (5:07)
07. El espiritu de la muerte (5:40)
08. Abortamos (4:25)
09. Medevac libre para el vuelo (7:35)
10. Mision cumplida- Acido sobre plomo (Rap) (5:25)
11. Oracion a los que no vuelven (1:50)

Total Album Time: 57:18