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First CD release of the Complete Soundtrack from the 1975 Tinto Brass’ erotic drama, starring Ingrid Thulin, Helmut Berger, Teresa Ann Savoy, John Steiner and Tina Aumont .The only previously available music from this movie was issued in 1975 on a single 45rpm record on Ricordi label.

Berlin, 1939: the high class brothel (the word “Salon” was deliberately chosen to bring up to mind the simultaneous scandal-success of “Salo”) of madam Kitty (Thulin: of Swedish origin, same as Bergman) is exploited by the Nazis as an operation center, where the peripatetics are replaced by real Nationalsocialist (Nazi) girls, despite their inexperience in sexual matters. Soon, however, their faith in to the party fades away, while their commitment to new job grows, and love blossoms amid utter perversion.

Brass co-screenplays with Ennio De Concini and Maria Pia Fusco a true story, and he brings up a very thorough look-porn movie (actress Senatore is committed to a living bare nano-human torso) with which he satirizes Hitler and his followers and, cunningly amused and ironic, celebrates sex as liberating and vital, not yet reduced to sex-caricature as in his future movies, though the style here anticipates them (i.e., use of mirrors and women bidet in particular). With the kitsch and melancholy of Visconti (favorite actor Berger and the orgy scene of the CADUTA DEGLI DEI/The Damned), much influenced by the scandals of that time (IL PORTIERE DI NOTTE/The Night Porter, Pasolini) and by risque old glories (Dietrich of L’ANGELO AZZURRO/The Blue Angel), SALON KITTY had the demerit of opening the trend of Italian nazi erotic films. A quite high level production (no less than Ken Adam decor, music by Fiorenzo Carpi conducted by Bruno Nicolai, editing by the same Brass, production management of Carla Cipriani, the opulent and a descendant of a noble Venetian

family and former inseparable wife and manager of our -Italian- Tinto). Small part for Salvatore Baccaro, already beast in heat before the movie of the same name. Teresa Ann Savoy, a beautiful English, is incredibly similar to the current model Laetitia Casta, but far more generous in doing shows of her charms. The homosexual Berger, former Visconti's pupil-lover, plays the part of a perverted and impotent nazi hierarch and he has no problem performing nude-look.
De-Luxe booklet with 16 pages of rare archive photos and text in English and Italian.
Limited Edition of 1500 Copies ---from the label

Track List

22 Tracks
Total Time 60’54”