2. aopella!? - 6 [Limited Deluxe Edition] (CD+Cards)

aopella!? - 6 [Limited Deluxe Edition] (CD+Cards)

Price(USD): $129.50

CD No: MJSS-9377
Release Date: 2024/07/24
Format: CD+GOODS

The sixth CD from the music original project "aoppella!?" is now available! Includes the first song sung by shuffled members of Lil Happy, FYA'M', and VadLip. In addition, this work contains mini audio dramas. Comes housed in a tall-sized digipak. Comes with a CD-disc-shaped M-card with all of the long versions of music videos, as well as an after-talk by members (system requirements unknown), 17 cards randomly selected from 34 kinds (17 kinds of them are printed with a message). Important Notes: No refund is possible after this product is sent. The record company designed and optimize this product for the market within Japan. They do not guarantee that it works outside of Japan.
Release Date: 2024.7.24(Limited)