2. aoppella!? 5.5 [Limited Edition - VadLip ver. -]

aoppella!? 5.5 [Limited Edition - VadLip ver. -]

Price(USD): $23.90

CD No: MJSS-9351
Release Date: 2023/09/27
Format: 1CD

Releases from the music original project "aoppella!?" In addition to new songs, a song sung by all 17 voice actors. The Limited Edition VadLip ver. comes in an exclusive sleeve case for this version. Comes with an M CARD (system requirements unknown), including the mini-drama, the VadLip drama, and music videos for the VadLip songs, three photos randomly selected from 12 kinds, and an application card (valid only in Japan).
Release Date: 2023.9.27(Limited)