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Label: MILAN
CD No: MIL369112
Release Date: 2017/11/03
Format: 1CD

Original Soundtrack from a live action dark fantasy film TOKYO GHOUL based upon the popular comic by Sui Ishida. Music by Don Davis of MATRIX trilogy and JURASSIC PARK 3!

Release Date: 2017/10/20.

Track List

?1. Tokyo Ghoul Main Title
?2. My Mother The Corpse
?3. Mado And Amon
?4. Ghoul Discussion
?5. Eating Human Flesh
?6. Touka And The Trash
?7. Yoshimura’s Meat Dispensary
?8. Hunger For Hide
?9. Kaneki’s Despair
?10. Eeek
?11. Hinami Eating Flesh
?12. The Mask Shop Mambo
?13. Pre-Teen Lust
?14. Clouds Of Destiny
?15. Ryoko’s Head
?16. Touka And Yomo’s Cognitive Dissonance
?17. The Surprise Of The Rabbit
?18. Grieving Ghouls And Hominids Too
?19. The Kaneki Metamorphosis
?20. My Mother’s Arm
?21. SUV Upside Down
?22. Amon Amongst Friends
?23. Hoist By His Own Quinke
?24. Anger Unlimited
?25. Sewer Side
?26. The Yoshimura Yawn
?27. To Infinity And Beyond
?28. Hear You [Tokyo Ghoul Main Title Remix]?