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Label: MILAN
CD No: MIL36835
Release Date: 2017/09/22
Format: 1CD

“Breathing” is the new album from Electric Youth unlike any other previously released by the group. Initially conceived of as a soundtrack to a film that has since been lost, “Breathing” has become a separate entity independent of its original intent. The music is filled with classic, heavenly strings and delicate piano compositions mixed with ethereal, dream-like female vocals and the signature electronic sound that have made Electric Youth famous. Milan Records will be releasing breathing on CD, digital and vinyl on September 22nd, 2017. “Breathing” marks the latest album in Milan’s eagerly anticipated “Nicolas Winding Refn Presents” series - a line of semi-annual vinyl releases assembled under the guide of director Nicolas Winding Refn,(Drive, The Neon Demon). Electric Youth are frequent collaborators of Refn’s, with him having previously used their music on the soundtrack to Drive and his Neon Demon-inspired “The Wicked Die Young” vinyl compilation album.
Release Date: 2017/9/22

Track List

1. This Was Our House (From "Breathing")
2. Where Did You Go
3. Breathing
4. It's Them
5. New Things
6. Machine 2.0
7. In The Air Two
8. Still My Love
9. Here It Is
10. Loni's Goodbye
11. This Was Our House (Reprise)
12. Machine 1.0
13. Sisters Theme
14. They're Still Here
15. What Is It
16. Ether
17. Still My Love (Reprise)
18. In The Air One
19. Believe
20. Nic's Theme
21. Chunnel Pt. 1
22. Dark Truth
23. Chunnel Pt. 2