2. ANGST


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Label: MIG(GM)
CD No: MIG01572
Release Date: 2017/12/01
Format: 1CD

Film music of a special kind. Outstanding soundtrack by the electronics pioneer.
With well over 100 publications, Klaus Schulze's work is not only impressive in its abundance. The pioneer and grand master of electronic music has always found new ways to put his synthesizers in the limelight. It goes without saying that various film scores and pieces that were later made to be found in this uvre are almost self-evident in view of his pictorial tonal language. But with "Angst" the way of working was different: director Gerald Kragl admitted the script in 1984 to Schulze the film of the same name, which was initially to be called "Tango" and later appeared in France under the title "Schizophrenia". A thriller about a mass murderer, almost without dialogues and carried by the music. Klaus Schulze single-handedly recorded five titles as usual, and Kragl then cut the images according to the actually eerie musical specifications. In addition to the 40-minute soundtrack, "Silent Survivor" is a half-hour bonus track that was created at the same time but remained unpublished.Digipak

Track List

1. Freeze
2. Pain
3. Memory
4. Surrender
5. Beyond
6. Silent Survivor (Bonus Track)