2. POISSON D'AVRIL Soundtrack (Vinyl)

POISSON D'AVRIL Soundtrack (Vinyl)

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Label: SONY(JPN)
CD No: MHJL-215
Release Date: 2022/05/25
Format: 1LP

This is the third volume in the "Yukihiro x Yukihiro Early 80s" reissue series, which sheds light on Yukihiro Takahashi's solo work from the early 1980s. The "POISSON D'AVRIL Soundtrack" is the original soundtrack to "POISSON D'AVRIL" (released in 1986, co-starring Kanoko Kyo, Tetsuro Tanba, Miyoko Akaza, and others), a film directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi and starring Yukihiro Takahashi in his first starring role, and was released in 1985 prior to the film's release. Takahashi himself produced and composed all the songs. Members: Koji Ueno (strings arrangement, p), Yoshiaki Shirai (g), Pierre Baroux (vo). Of the songs on this album, only T1 and T8 feature vocals, and the rest are instrumental accompaniment. However, the unique mood of this album, which also pays homage to old Western movies, is as appealing as the original album, and is another important work that is indispensable when talking about Yukihiro Takahashi. Reissue on Vinyl.
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Track List

1. Poisson D'Avril
2. Theme From Mari
3. Shohei's CM Song
4. Proud Toilet Attendant
5. Heart In A Hurry
6. Ordinary Day
7. Probably, South Pacific
8. Brand New Day
9. At Speak Easy Club
10. The Trouble With Shohei
11. Theme From Fujiko
12. /Soap Opera
13. Poisson D'Avril: Instrumental