2. SERVAMP Anniversary Party (Drama CD) [Limited Edition]

SERVAMP Anniversary Party (Drama CD) [Limited Edition]

Price(USD): $38.30

CD No: MFCZ-3060
Release Date: 2021/09/29
Format: 1CD

A special drama CD commemorating the 10th anniversary of the "SERVAMP" series and the 5th anniversary of the TV anime adaptation has been released! The scenario is newly written by Mr. Tanaka Strike! In addition to five mini-stories featuring the characters, and one original drama about a crazy party where all the characters on the drama CD appear, the CD also includes comments from the cast. The cover artwork is a new illustration drawn by Strike Tanaka for the drama CD. Limited edition includes a booklet of comics drawn by Mr. Tanaka Strike, and two acrylic key chains using illustrations drawn by Mr. Tanaka Strike.
ATTN: Shipping charge for 3 discs applied
Release Date: 2021.9.29(Limited)