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Inheritance tells the story of Monika Hertwig, the daughter of Amon Goeth, the monstrous commandant of the Plaszow Concentration Camp. Executed when Monika was a year old, Goeth’s crimes against humanity are welldocumented.
To those who have not borne the unimaginable reality of The Holocaust in their lifetime, Stephen Spielberg's film adaptation of Schindler's List serves - alongside the work of The Shoah Foundation - to depict Goeth's sadistic brutality half-a-century after the liberation of Plaszow. It is this legacy of horror, unknown to Monika until her teen years, that she seeks to further understand by reaching out to a camp survivor in James Moll's film.

Separated from her mother and sisters, Helen Jonas-Rosenzweig was enslaved as a housemaid to Goeth. She lived in fear as both chattel and prey of the prominent Nazi leader, before being rescued by Oskar Schindler and reunited with her sisters, brought to work at his factory in Brunnlitz, Czechoslovakia where they would remain until the end of the war.

Both women feel responsible to future generations as they seek to reconcile the past through education and a tireless belief that the world must never forget what happened to the Jewish community at the hands of the Nazi regime.

It is thanks to Moll and his production team that the story of these two remarkable women from diometricallyopposed, yet interwoven backgrounds has been told. It is a real and honest journey, beautifully depicted in Andres Goldstein and Daniel Tarrab's touching underscore. Written for chamber ensemble, the music for Inheritance weaves delicate motifs for Monika and Helen and is dominated both by elegaic string writing and restrained solo wind performances.

The release of Inheritance follows the widespread critical success of Goldstein and Tarrab's soundtrack to La Puta y la Ballena, released internationally by Mellowdrama Records in 2006. The forthcoming album features the complete score to the documentary and extensive liner notes which include exclusive interviews with the director and composers.

Track List

1. Every Father
2. Inheritance
3. Monika's Childhood
4. Moments Before
5. Helen's Family
6. Amon
7. Letter to Helen
8. Helen is Freed
9. Helena and Susanna
10. Monika Goes Home
11. Plaszow
12. Watching Schindler's List
13. Monika and Helen
14. Remembrance
15. Monika's Theme
16. Weissenburg
17. Oskar Schindler
18. The Villa
19. Travel to Plaszow
20. The Journey
21. Legacy